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All inclusive golf holidays offer a great deal of advantages and ensures that your golf holiday abroad is hassle free; there are various types of all inclusive golf breaks which you should not confuse with full board. All inclusive golf resorts offer a package whereby all food and drinks are included in the price of your golf holiday package where as a golf holiday abroad that offers “full board” includes your meals in the golf package including breakfast, lunch and evening meal.

All inclusive golf packages can be “all inclusive” or “ultra all inclusive” and this basically means that a golf holiday with all inclusive board includes all food and drinks but the drinks are locally produced whilst an ultra all inclusive golf holiday includes all food and original drinks i.e. scotch whisky will be imported from Scotland rather than produced locally.

Please note that many hotels offer their all inclusive golf holidays with certain time or volume constraints in regard to their offer ensure that your all inclusive golf package is suitable to your golfing group to avoid disappointment.

Iberian Lynx golf offers all inclusive golf holidays including flights in order to make the booking of your golf holiday abroad as stress free as possible all you have to do is tell us where you wish to stay. when you want to travel and leave evrything to us.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to all inclusive golfing holidays as opposed to self catering golf holidays or golf holidays abroad that include breakfast only and the advantages are summed up as follows:

  • Even though theall inclusive golf holiday package is more expensive, the need for spending is unnecessary and therefore the all inclusive golf break is significantly cheaper.
  • It is much easier to budget for an all inclusive golf holidayand if you are a group of same sex golfers then your partner’s blessing is easier to attain because it is cheaper and the spending is controlled.
  • The meals offered on an all inclusive golf tripare normally based on a buffet system which offers a wide range of dishes and always something enjoyable for the whole of your group.
  • Anall inclusive golf vacation is less stressful because everything is at hand and there is no need to seek restaurants and cafes and various other places for sustenance or places for entertainment.
  • On any golf holidaybe it a couple of days or a couple of weeks duration, time is at a premium and all inclusive golf vacations ensures that all of your holiday time is spent holidaying and not searching for restaurants, bars, clubs or other means of entertainment.
  • The normal awkwardness of tipping in a foreign country is avoided. The process of tipping, for most people is stressful, knowing whether to tip, whether the tip you give is enough or too much etc.
  • An all inclusive golf holiday resortis a much more sociable environment and meeting new friend’s or potential partners is much more likely.
  •        With all inclusive golf holidaysyou can have as much alcohol as you wish without worrying about running out of money or finding your hotel at the end of the night out when you may be in a state of disorientation. Some may consider this a disadvantage especially golfers who do not excel on the course with a hangover.

The advantages of taking an all inclusive golf holiday abroad seem to tick all of the boxes for most people who enjoy foreign golf holidays however there are some disadvantages:

  • ·         If all holidays taken abroad were all inclusive then the tourist attractions, restaurants and bars could not exist.
  • ·         An all inclusive golf holiday can become a little repetitive with the same daily environment and routine.
  • ·         Individuals who chose to take an all inclusive golf holiday are loathe to leave the hotel for any type of refreshment or entertainment because it may not have been in the budget.
  • ·         This self confinement means that you could be anywhere in the sun and the culture of the country is not experienced
  • ·         Most all inclusive golf holiday resorts insist on the fact that you must wear an identification wrist band which somehow impinges on your sense of freedom.
  •       When you book your all inclusive golf holiday make sure you read the small print, different golf resortshave different policies regarding all inclusive and in some cases not everything is free and if it is there may be a time limit for when it is available.

If you are looking for an all inclusive golf holiday there are many venues these days and all inclusive golf holidays in Turkey have been the leading venue in recent years whilst cheap all inclusive golf holidays in Spainare catching up as are all inclusive golf holiudays Portugal and now all inclusive golf holidays in Bulgaria is the most recent addition.

Venturing away from Europe and into Africa and gaining popularity are all inclusive golf holidays in Morocco,especially all inclusive golf holidays in Marrakech and all inclusive golf holidays in Tunisia offers fantatsic value.

If you seek a value for money all inclusive golf holiday then Iberian Lynx golf will point you in the right direction.

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